Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

2021 | 85 mins | fiction | color | English, Spanish and Tagalog

Producer: Eduardo P. Goñi

Director / Scriptwriter: Gwai Lou

Photography: Gwai Lou

Sound:  Carlo Picache

Editing: Ethan Williamson and David Yañez  

Sound mix: Rafiq Zahri

VFX / Color: David Yáñez

Music: Tom Robertshaw & Annabel Tiu



Pepe Gros, Gertrude Louise, Giovanni Baldisseri, Rodelio Socito 

and Thomas De Keersmaeker



Sancho, a Spanish go-getter, arrives in Manila seeking a job promised to him by his friend, Alonso. However, upon arriving in the Philippines he discovers that Alonso has disappeared under strange circumstances. In his quest of locating his missing friend, Sancho finds himself unwillingly caught up in a whirlwind around the underworld of prostitution, drug trafficking and corrupted police from the hand of Alonso´s girlfriend, Clarisse, a young prostitute. Throughout his investigation, Sancho will stumble into the backstage of this tropical paradise of cheap beer and pretty women for sale.


About the film:

Somewhere over the rainbow is a story of a violent cultural interchange in the shape of a neo-noir film. It’s at the same time a fictional story and a personal one. It mixes elements of thriller and noir cinema with a deeper story of the discovery of the Philippines from a post-colonial era point of view. 


I decided to choose the Philippines to set my story in, because I was born in Spain, and I feel my country, as a former colonial empire that imposed its government and culture over the islands for more than 3 centuries, has many sins to atone for. In many occasions when I see the problems that face nowadays The Philippines I can see that the seed of all rot was planted by my Spanish Ancestors. We kind of made the problems of our society their own problems. 


I guess this film is my own form of apology, knowing that the past can’t be changed. Or maybe is just the journey of discovering all that in first person, made now a fictional film.



Not yet released

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