Side-B (Cara-B)

2017 | 100 mins | fiction | color | Spanish & Chinese (Mandarin)  

Producer: María Cruz Barroso and David Yáñez

Director / Scriptwriter: David Yáñez

Photography: Carlos González

Sound: Daniel Gracia and Christian S.R. 

Editing: Carlos Ena and David Yáñez 

Sound mix: Victor Garrido & Nacho Moya

VFX / Color: David Yáñez

Music: Luis Ferreiro



Kai Wu, Alina Nastase, Valentina Acevedo, Andrea Dueso, María Fillat and Ángel Salazar.



Wang Li-Sheng has met a Spanish girl on the Internet and has decided to leave everything behind and live his love story in Spain. Things don’t work out the way he expected and he eventually ends up with no girlfriend, no money and no passport, so he has to get by as an illegal immigrant in a country he knows nothing about.


About the film:

Many Pieces of Something is a story about being forced into youth, about the inability to live your own life. In Spain, with youth unemployment reaching over 60% in times of crisis, it becomes really difficult to become an adult. Economic and personal independence becomes a horizon that you can never reach no matter how far you walk. This situation turns adolescence into a kind of degenerative illness. A purgatory in which you always seem to be at the same point no matter how much you run.
This film tries to capture through a choral portrait this kind of purgatory, in which the tireless pursuit of happiness seems to be the only antidote to emptiness.



Ariano International Film Festival, Italy

Madriff International Film Festival, Spain

Cinepobre Film festival - Best self funded film, Cuba

Salón Internacional de la Luz, Argentina

Jagran International Film Festival, India

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